Thursday, August 9, 2012


by Marcellus Brown

I watch where I step on the pavement,
‘Cause I can’t afford another one of my mom’s back payments.
I keep my soul lit.
‘Cause when it’s dark, I just can’t seem to get a grip.
I could grab the universe, and just tear and rip.
And start the world over,
So it will no longer get colder.

Giving these hoes the cold shoulder.
‘Cause women can take your time, your money, and your mind.
But beware this life can leave you blind
Untamed to the all- seeing lie.

But why are these women hoes?
If they go through similar tolls.
With life lessons full of holes.
The solution is not in the poles.

I’m really glad you chose
To stay beautiful through the suffering
And I hope you always remain hovering.

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