Thursday, August 9, 2012

Never Gonna Stop

by April Wilburn

That dream, I chase that
The money, I want that
Love, I see it
Danger, we’ll stop it
Someday, someway
Never too high to reach the sky, cloud nine
Fall down once; get up again twice as strong
Wanna see me fail?
Keep me in your wishes…
Come to your senses
I’m not going anywhere!
Like that ketchup stain on your favorite blouse
That throb when you have a migraine
Yeah that’s me!
Wishes, I make ‘em
Chances, I take ‘em
Mistakes, they happen
Regrets, I have some
Ima Beast
Ima big girl
They call me danger
I’m the flame to the Bic in your pocket
They call me drama
I’m the empty page with a cloudy mind set
They call me trouble, running the streets at night
Probably at the park finna spark, spark, spark that Mary Jane
They call me bitch, can’t handle the real
Curse you out in the blink of an eye
No doubt
They call me monster
Take the only thing you’ve got right from under you, without a clue
They call me crazy
Quick tempered, hot headed, mind blowing
But they should just keep it simple and call me April.

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