Wednesday, August 8, 2012

That image in my head

by Rumaldo Hernandez

The brother that we lost is gone,
But until we all die, we will all be together
Hopefully it's soon, you are always on my mind,
In the last minute I’ve thought about you at least 10 times

When I think about it I don’t walk away from it Every time

that image is in my head like if it was on a Flash Drive,
it always comes and goes,

but now I know how it feels when someone goes,
Them little children,

Moms and Dads,

I know how you feel when someone goes

People ask me Why I write about Jaime the one that died,
I swear to God I hope he’s by my side

when I Read it out Loud or when I just write,
I Don’t run away from my feelings or leave it in the beginning of my life,
But I speak it out loud to relate to people and get in their Mind,
Once said, I am that Heavy duty chain that was on my Pitbulls leash back in ’09,

So when you ask me again I’m going to answer I’m at Jaime’s Park

because that’s just what my lil’ Nephew said,
So when someone dies I hope he or her is on your mind

just so you can say Rumaldo was Right,

I promise you that you’re going to cry,
I guess I told you right,
You’re not heavy duty when it comes to losing someone in your life

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