Wednesday, August 8, 2012


by Rumaldo Hernandez

Time this, Time That,

Tic, Toc, Tic, Toc,

That’s all I Hear when its Hanged on the Wall,

But when the alarm goes Off you know there’s something Wrong,

Those Kids, Those Dads, Those Moms,

Their Cousins,

Jail, Dead, Alive or Starving,

Was that back in Time?

FUCK THAT it's still Going On

TIME doesn’t think that’s why we make Mistakes,

And the world orbits because you know we are alive,

So while you Sit Down, Sleep, Watch TV,

Then the alarm goes off

Remember there’s something Wrong,

But don’t cry because of Time,

You might wish it was 2 minutes before that Time

Its life ……..

it goes on like a string

when you reach the end and it rips,

Blame it on Time,

While you see your Body in a casket and your family is Crying,

Almost crying Blood,

Blame it on time,

While its 4 months after your Death and your sister tells your brother,

Remember when he crashed that car and they laugh,

its all Because of Time,

When your cousins talk and say, “damn he was Hella Fucked up that Day”,

They laugh but cry,

Remember, it’s All Because of Time,

Or when your Mom and Dad talk about that li’l Ruma that turned into a man

that died because of an accident All Because of Time,

They cry,

Cry so much that my sister had to grab the mop just to clean it up,

But this is not true

I’m Alive,

my life is a chain that’s Heavy Duty and won’t rip because of time.

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