Wednesday, August 8, 2012

They tell me why?

I Tell Them I’m The Water Bottle Because I drank them In,

Then I piss them out,

I don’t let them get in my torso

I’m taking over just like U.S.A. did,

My color is green,

but that plantation we had was so great,

That white we have,

Were serving U.S.A all Day,

That red is on the piso

I guess they made mistakes,

I’m Mad they shot that brown

but how about that honky that was in that Theater Crowd?,

I’m tired of this crap

I’m going to Mexico, but I’m going to come back,

My dad said school is where it’s at,

I told him I’m going to get school pregnant so I can have a blast,

So think that.
Watch the news and see that.
Go tell your friends about that.
When you see me tell That

i’ll put you on the clock and make you Tic Toc
i’ll give you some tacos
so eat That
And you say don’t like us , but your wife ate that.
We’re back and going to give them the best of all That
Watch me walk away, so hear that breeze

but when it hits your faces, don’t blame me.

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