Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Indirect Expression

By: Joseph Wade

The vent. The end. We sin.
They lose, we win. Christ within.
Please give me some answers
So I can take the knowledge and run faster than a panther.

And don’t forget the wisdom, when I’m marching with my niggas,
We all spit bars that have meanings and are RISEN.
Shut this shit down they no longer in commission.
The game just got locked like submissions.
My ambition is to kill all competition.

A nigga quick tempered, remember when I spit you get the chills like it was late December
I’m a pro not a beginner. Honestly, you wish you could copy my flows like a printer.
The difference between water and blood: ONES THINNER.

I improve with this writing like indirect lighting
It’s a blessing, do wrong, learn your lesson
I’m all about the pros not the cons
Man we really in a session.
You can call this the indirect expression.

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