Wednesday, August 8, 2012


by Carlos Ocampo

If only she fully understood
That our debut / wasn’t something you just bump into
Don’t misconstrue
My field of view / is that our pas de duex is over due
But you do you
While I pursue this girl in a coupe
Outta my league but why not try something new?
Glad I didn’t lose it to you
This way my heart is hard to break into
Higher learning after chuggin’ some brew
‘Cos hoes don’t get any love
Most of them don’t even carry a glove
They don’t even put up a fight
Every night is their night
It’s like we live black and white
But at far sight there is a bright light
To emancipate us from the rite
I’m just being polite
It’s a human right
To share my sound bite

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