Wednesday, August 8, 2012


By Carlos Ocampo

What’s good about a soul if it’s not included with intelligence?
They have men in suits to represent them
Given to you subliminally and criminally
The youth repent them
The cops defend ‘em
Soon we’ll take back the power
Don’t wish it during happy hour
Brainpower is firepower
Get empowered before the encounter
Enlighten yourself with some sour, and don’t let them think you’re a coward
‘Cos you’re not
Don’t rebel if you’re scared of tick tock
We all need money, gotta eat while it’s hot
Drug money to them is like a mock
But it’s all part of their mad plot
But if they were gravity, check my space walk
You can see what they draw with chalk
The kids want peace
Why is the president accompanied by secret police?
Is it because he knows the truth is being spread in the streets?
The number of people waking up has increased

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