Saturday, September 1, 2012

2012 Group Poem: We Bring

We are the culture of our people that is instilled in our veins
We bring the struggle of our ancestors
We bring the feet that have paved the way of a long journey
We are the passion of the working class that keeps us going
We are a river that keeps flowing
We bring rhythm to a paper and pen and bring the voice to be heard
We bring the peace and ease in this high stress country
We fell through financial crisis and landed on our feet
We bring the memories back to the future and live off the past that we made
We bring the wisdom and knowledge like we’re fresh out of college
We bring the final change to start a new game
We are the Black Panthers’ second generation
We are the new upcoming generation
We are the 99%

Monday, August 13, 2012

Dedicated to All Poets

By Janet JRodriguez

What you say is loud and clear
and I can’t help but bear
your voice, your attitude, and motion
I get it – I heard you and your pain and I know it
what ever place or time you wrote it
it became a master piece
and I thank you for it
for spilling your emotions on a page
spitting out what you were probably holding in
for explaining international suffrage
for taking time on rehearsing to perform for being
for being honest and professional
respect is handed to you like air
everyone should applaud
all you gotta do is bow
and do us a favor and write another one.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

West Seattle

by Marcellus Brown

Do you feel the danger growing around you?
The fear of your family living without you?
Boys in blue that will always doubt you.

If you could only catch yourself
Go back and end up on the top shelf
Where all we worry about is life not wealth

Yay said, “Ain’t nothing on the news but the blues”.
So when it comes down to it, are you ready to choose?
‘Cause when it comes to my life, I’m not ready to lose.


by Marcellus Brown

I watch where I step on the pavement,
‘Cause I can’t afford another one of my mom’s back payments.
I keep my soul lit.
‘Cause when it’s dark, I just can’t seem to get a grip.
I could grab the universe, and just tear and rip.
And start the world over,
So it will no longer get colder.

Giving these hoes the cold shoulder.
‘Cause women can take your time, your money, and your mind.
But beware this life can leave you blind
Untamed to the all- seeing lie.

But why are these women hoes?
If they go through similar tolls.
With life lessons full of holes.
The solution is not in the poles.

I’m really glad you chose
To stay beautiful through the suffering
And I hope you always remain hovering.


by Marcellus Brown

I am the game
The reason why you can’t get a job
Your friends are the reason why my pockets seem to throb
I am the voice in your head saying , “now you need to rob”
The reason why you spend all your money on crack
When you got a three year old crying in the back
Now tell me that ain’t whack.

‘Cause getting greenbacks is what my team is about
So go ahead and shove that yay up your snout

I am the reason why our hearts are so damn dark
The reason your grandpa’s heart just couldn’t start
I am the reason why your only option is jail or death
I am the game and there ain’t no ref.

So you either get with it or get lost
You might as well play it
‘Cause in the end there’s always a cost.

Real Life

By Marcellus Brown

This is not a movie, this is real life.
This is where the kids turn the world into a new life.

This is not a movie, this is real life.
Where the cops are now the enemy.
Where the government is no longer a friend of me.

And if I die today, my death won’t be the end of me.


by Janet JRodriguez

You are the light to my dark shadows
if it wasn’t for you
I’d be rotting in the gutters
you are the alpha and omega
my savior
and I respect you
you are the truth that blinds my sight
never ending care from your side
born into your grace
I adore your name
you’re my water and bread of the day
you the power that moves me inside and out
you the words that I wish I can preach
you are the beginning and end of my life story