Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Woman On the Side

Woman On The Side
By Foga Sauni

So I got a girl and a woman on the side
When my girl acts out, my woman is always down to ride
My woman knows everything that happens between me and my girl
But my girl doesn’t know my woman is even in my world
My woman cares but my girl doesn’t give a damn
My woman is like Allstate, with her, I’m in good hands
Or even like Geico, because I save way more money with her
But if I act out around my woman, I’ll get popped like a blister
My girl won’t even show me the car fax
It’s like, when I ask if she cares for me, her mind goes black
She tells me she loves me and I ask why
She says it’s so unexplainable it makes her cry…
That’s the type of bullshit I’m not gonna buy
‘Cause my woman taught me how to weave out those lies
She said to look her in her eyes and tell her what I need to know
And if she avoids eye contact, it’s time to go
When I’m ill, my woman works wonders when she rubs my back
While I wait and wonder until I fall asleep on her lap
My girl goes goo goo gah gah and if I get near, she’s pissed
She tells me to back off because I might be contagious
My woman is like the sun the way she shines so bright
And my girl is the moon, without the sun I wouldn’t see her at night
Or even in the daytime for that matter
If you think about it, my woman is the reason I have matter
The reason I feel, on this Earth, I matter
But my girl just continues to make me madder
She’s annoying like the mosquito on the screen of my TV
The one that shows up right when I want to push power and fall asleep
At times, on my grind, I don’t mind... Sometimes I’m glad she’s mine
But in my mind, I’m blind, and want her to blow up like a land mine
Put some pills in her drink and hope she doesn’t wake up
Or I could do something easier like break up
And stay with the woman on the side because I love her
My woman on the side, my grandmother

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