Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Am Faith

by Nick Rodriguez

I’m not faithful…I am faith,
I am between predators from its prey,
Should I go or should I stay?
If I leave today what would remain?
Or what if I stayed, would things change?
Or would it just stay the same?
… I am between a girl and a boy, lesbians and gays,
Should they separate or should they stay?
Should they remain or go straight?
And for straight people should they go bi or go gay?
Should they feel love or feel hate?
And if they do, should it be that way?
Depend on their relationship or depend on their game?
Or worry about the looks on your face thinkin nobody would have compliments to say?
If you applied for a job would you get it or get lost?
Would you pay or get bopped and rely on your stock?
Or would you hustle and continue to sell drugs on the corner of your block?
Would you believe me if I’m all that you got?
Or continue doing robberies till the day you get caught?
And when you go to court would you charge it to the game?
Or blame me the day you pushed me away?
Do you hear me or ignore me today?
I’m not faithful……
I am faith!

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