Tuesday, August 9, 2011


by Puao Savusa

I speak with, truth, wisdom, and integrity.
I speak, in a form that’s also known as poetry.
Not just listen but hear me out when you make this discovery.
Words that form a language called poetry,
My words can’t die but tell you a story,
Teach you to go down the bright path of glory,
A translator of my every word, I’ll make you feel happy unless you’re lookin to get hurt,
But I speak, I talk, I announce, I listen, I live, to break the confession of silence.
Poetry is my alliance.
Not only speaking but creating, together penetrating that blank spot in your mind, the doubt,
The goal to give boredom something to think about,
The goal to show those what they can’t find,
Making wrong turn into its right mind, but only listen when I speak,
Poetry is what I breathe.
Eat and sleep, you might ask me, am I hungry?
Hungry for the food, the food for thought,
the words that make you sit and rot,
The words that hit you so hard you’ll doze,
I guess I’m full, because I do eat those.
I wanna drink from the fountain of poetry,
and like blood let her words flow through me,
Embed in my heartbeat, listen, she’s speaking, telling you secrets,
Poetry is a promise, forever keepin,
the whispers that are constantly leakin,
From our minds, our hearts,
Interpreting that poetry is our start,
of a confession, a lie, a feeling,  a memory,
Poetry is pulsing within me, and yet I’m still thirsty.
So I keep drinking, pretty soon I’ll be sinking, in a fountain gaining the unknown,
That’s never ending. I sleep and dream of the words that are continuously floating,
Collect them and use them in a recipe called poetry,
That is my own, my very own, poetry is known,
she is my soul, never denies, she’ll always condone,
I dream poetry is power, it’s my ability to tell you a sensation,
Speak to a whole nation and force them to understand,
That me and poetry have a plan,
The rotation of my words, unless it’s just a blur, my key to be free,
Poetry is my feeling.
Everything from nothing to something, she surrounds you and me,
Tell you a story or a trance,
the words that sing to make you dance,
The gift to enhance, your words, your saying,
The past, present and future of you and me,
We, I am her, she is me,
I am poetry.

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