Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Love My Mom

by Carl Smith

I love my mom with all my heart
she’s my light when it’s dark
she’s my mom and dad my superhero like Clark
she told me drama would put you down so keep it pushing like a kart
even if she aint there, she’s around forever in my heart
she taught me to realize we are the dogs, police are the sharks
so no matter how loud you bark we forever in the dark
nothing or no person could tear us apart
we grew up in the bottom but she made it feel like the top
she taught me love can’t be bought
so every man she brought to the spot I fought
and before they got comfortable, they get dropped
I wasn’t the kid running to dream I was running from cops
I wasn’t playing basketball I was hugging the block
realizing in these streets you got to keep your gun off lock
Im sorry mom for all the pain I brought
got evicted out the house because they shot up the spot
she constantly told me stop looking at the bad and look at the good you got
sometime my mom could be soft like butter in the pot
but when it come to family, she hard like a rock  
mom I got unconditional love so it will never stop

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