Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Red Fish, Blue Fish

When I was young I was convinced to hate men
Because all they could seem to do was vanish again and again
My dad disappeared and the only men I loved were my bros
He was like Caspar, except Caspar was a friendly ghost
So I went on in life stealing things he never bought me
Learning the hard way, the lessons he never taught me
Running around beating on people that simply looked at me wrong
I twisted up my fingers and believed colors and numbers made me strong
And one day I opened that book.. those words jumped out and “Rick James slapped me”
“One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish,” And it was clear to see
I thought it was stupid, like loving from Cupid
But it made me see the pain more clear than getting smacked in the face by frying pan like one of the three stooges
I was a spitting image of the man I hated
I couldn’t let him get to me and I wasn’t going to be fated
I was deep into a whole that my father created
So I’m going back to square one but making sure he’s not negated
Because he dug it up to where I could see all the mistakes down his path
So, using my mind as a shovel, I’m making my own way.. standing on my 2 feet taking showers, not baths
One fish, is my father, making his fish, which is me
Red fish is my father, and I’m blue because I have the choice to be
It’s not red fish, red fish that’s boring and you may as well close the curtains
It’s red fish, blue fish because you have the choice to be your own person
By: Foga Sauni

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