Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Monster In My Head;

Standing here fight with my inner thoughts,
Trying to have a simple conversation,
Buht you’re just yelling and screaming at me,
Trying to convince me I’m wrong,
You’re the pressure I feel in my chest,
Feeling like I’m gasping for my last breath,
I’m trying to get you out my life,
Life without you is like a beautiful rainbow after a storm,
As I scribble out those lines,
Because I think your right and I’m wrong,
Buht then I realize I’m not the one messing up,
You’re the one trying to become Alpha-male,
I’m the one, who deals with struggle,
You’re the one, who just sit here,
Trying to dominate, and take control,
Buht I’m not gone lie, I like you around,
You’re the reason I made it this far.

By; Lysiya; Ly; Infinity

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